Indigenous People’s Day Photo Project 2013

"Dear Columbus…"

Photo Credit: Andrew Burlingham

South Puget Sound Community College’s Diversity & Equity Center

Olympia, WA 

This… is Project Castor.

Catching Fire quote:

He raises his head. “What’s that?”

I lift my chin. I’ve been so consumed with my own worries, I haven’t noticed the strange noise coming from the square. A whistling, the sound of an impact, the intake of breath from a crowd.

“Come on,” Peeta says, his face suddenly hard. I don’t know why. I can’t place the sound, even guess at the situation. But it means something bad to him.


Nick Higgins

 asked for eruri in 13 | color palette
"Levi does not allow anyone to have his heart. Except Erwin, who is the only person he completely trusts"


     “My family is from Eritrea, and I’m really interested in going back and working there.”
     “What do you like the most about Eritrea?”
     “I like the people because they are very humble, sweet and dignified. They work really hard, and they don’t experience the same social inequalities that exist in this country. They are a lot more united than the people here. I feel that the warmth is missing here. The thread that weaves this country together is money, not meeting people’s needs.”
     “Why do you think Eritreans are more united?”
     “I think African culture has always been more communalist. People live in close proximity to each other, and you are raised by your village. You can’t afford to be individualistic in a society that doesn’t have much, so the village or commune shares a water well. Individualism kind of sprouted out in Europe.  When Europeans started extracting resources from Africa and elsewhere, they were able to build a society in which people had more. Africans have never taken resources in abundance from other countries in the same way. I think the whole theory of development came from the West. What is developed? Exploiting the Earth? That’s degenerative. The term development is relative and is defined within a Western framework.”


Photography: Fotografia9


Things nobody ever tells you about afab bodily functions, so you have to google it to find out it’s perfectly normal:

Vaginal chemistry being acidic enough to bleach your black underwear.

If you’re looking for someone to talk you down, tell you that you’re just upset and not thinking straight, I’m not that guy.

Laura Hale: Alpha Royalty and about 1000x better than you

(unofficial badge of the Society for the Protection of Characterisation of Laura Hale)


"It’s unnatural—the things he does to her," one of the men said.  There were three of them at the next table, all drinking themselves slowly blind.

"I’ve heard he sets his dogs on her to fuck her bloody before he has a go.  But then again—he’s—"

"Don’t say it, Pate.  Don’t say it.  You’ve heard what he does to people who call him—"

"He’s a monster."

"Bad blood."

"A bastard."

Gendry stilled, his mug of ale halfway to his lips.  But they weren’t talking about him.  No one ever used quite that tone of voice when talking about him.  Besides, he was a knight now.  Ser Gendry of the Hollow Hill, and no one would ask after the family name.

"Why doesn’t she escape, then?  Just run off—if she’s so miserable?" demanded one of the men—the one who had been quiet.

"How’s a girl of thirteen supposed to run off?"

"She could get help.  Surely one of the guards would take pity on the poor girl."

But the first man just laughed.  It was a bitter laugh—a harsh laugh.  ”She’s a Stark of Winterfell.  They’re worth more than all of Casterly Rock right now, aren’t they.”

"Hang on—she’s not thirteen.  That’s the one they married to the imp, who helped kill Joffrey.  Sansa.  She’s the younger one."

Gendry’s heart stopped.  She’d run off—run off in a fury and they hadn’t been able to find her at all.  He’d heard rumors the Hound had gotten her, and that he’d tried to bring her to her family.  He hadn’t taken her—no—he couldn’t have—and yet he…

"The younger one?" one of the men asked.  "Thought she was dead."

"Wasn’t, was she?  The Lannisters sent her North, didn’t they?  When they gave it to the Boltons.  So she could marry him—Lord Bolton’s bas-son."

Gendry thought he was going to be sick.  Arya was—she was—she couldn’t be married.  She couldn’t be.  For all she was just a child, she had more fight in her than he did, even if she was too smart for her own good.  She’d gotten him out of as much trouble as she’d gotten him into.  And she was being set upon by dogs and monsters and—

He downed the rest of his ale and called for another mug.  There was no justice in this world, no goodness, no hope—none at all.